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Whether your pet just needs a bath and nails to a Full Haircut, we have options for everyone! I use high quality products and examine each pet to determine what product is best for each pet. All products are natural and gentle. I consider small breeds 20 pounds and under (Shih Tzu, Toy poodle, yorkie, Maltese). Medium would be the near 20 pound range to 40 pounds (cocker Spaniel, Miniature poodle). Large dog is up to 80 pounds (Golden Ret, Lab, Springer, St Poodle) and Extra large pets (Danes, Great Pyrenees) All pets are individuals and prices vary based on your pets needs. some require more time brushing or have issues with being groomed which result in more time needed. So I set up a basic RANGE when quoting a price.. which is what I have laid out bellow. I feel I am fair and reasonable for the time and quality of work I do, plus quality products to ensure a clean and properly groomed pet.



BATH & NAILS: Bath, nails, brush out, ear cleaning, anal glands expressed, blow drying , cologne & bandana or bows.

Small Dog  Short hair $20    Long coat $25 

Medium Dog Short coat $30   Long Coat $35

Large Dog Short Coat $40   Long coat $50

Ex Large $55 - up



BATH & TIDY: Bath, nails, glands, brush out, ear cleaning & drying, clipping in front of eyes, belly, potty areas and scissor work to feet/face, cologne & bandana or bows.

Small Dog $35  

Medium Dog $45 - $55

Large Dog $55 - up

Ex Large: $65-up


FULL GROOM: Bath, nail trim, brush out,blow dry, Glands, ear cleaning, clipping and scissoring from head to tail, cologne, bows or bandana.

PUPPY CUT: Same length all over, up to half an inch.

Small Dog $48  

Medium Dog $58

Large Dog $75 – up

Ex Large $85 - up

FLUFFY CUT: Over a half an inch all over, or clips with scissor work such as bichon clips, fluffy legs, breed clips etc.

Small Dog $53- $65

Medium Dog $65 - $75

Large Dog $95 – $125

Ex Large $100 - up






Add On & Extras:

Walk-In Nails $10.00 (cut only)

Nail Grinding: $5.00

Nail painting: $3.00

Teeth Brush & Breath gel $5.00

FURminator Treatment: Reduce shedding up to 90% Special vitamin infused shampoo and conditioner/solution plus hv blow out of dead hair and special tools to remove even more by hand.  $10 - $15

Color Paste/Temporary $10 per area

Sugar Scrub: Exfoliate and soften. Great for skin troubles!  $5.00

De-matting: $20 per hour

Whitening shampoo: $2.00

Medicated Shampoo $5.00

Flea Shampoo: $5.00

Hand stripping (Sporting breeds) $10 - $20 extra

Every Dog Deserves a day of beauty!

Every Dog Deserves a day of beauty!

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