Price and Services changes for 2017



Small Dog Price will increase $3.00 to $48 for short clips and $53 for Fluffy Cuts. 

Medium Dogs will increase $3.00 to $58 for short clips and $60-75 for fluffy clips.

Large Dogs (Goldendoodles, Standard Poodles Etc..) will be $80 for short clips and $95 - $120 for Fluffy clips, Lamb clips etc due to the amount of time involved with grooming. Example: I could finish out 3 small dogs in the time it takes me to do a standard poodle, which would equal $144.

Why the increase?

The cost to run my business keeps increasing from the rent, utilities, taxes, Credit card fees and my supplies. To keep operating at the highest quality i can. Meaning i don't cut corners and buy junkie shampoo and products used on your pet. I just can't do that. So i hope everyone understands. I appreciate your business and look forward to serving you.